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                                  This term our topic has been Marvellous Me.

Communication and Language (Prime Area)- Within our topic ‘Marvellous Me’ the children will be speaking about where they live and who is in their family. We will be describing what our senses are used for though our weekly ‘Big Talk’ sessions. By doing so, the children will be  developing their spoken sentences; we will be modelling grammatical correctness and promote using interesting vocabulary. 

Literacy (Specific Area)- We will be looking at books about our senses, such as ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. Through daily Letters and Sounds lessons the children will be learning the individual sounds letters make and will be encouraged to recognise words and blend to read words. The children will be learning how to write their name and listening to their sounds to write words about our topic.

Tips for at home:   If you have any books related to our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic it would be useful to read them at home to encourage naming parts of the body and senses. Encourage your child to be a keen writer by leaving special pencils and notepads alongside their favourite toys.

 There will be a daily Maths session where, through fun activities, rhymes and songs, your child will be learning to count objects, recognise numerals and solve simple calculations.

Tips for home: Numbers are everywhere! point them out to your child.

Curriculum Meeting  We invite all parents to our Reception Curriculum evening on Thursday 18th October at 6.00pm. This is an opportunity to find out more information about home reading, home learning and what our child will be learning at school. More information to follow.

 Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Prime Area) - As we are settling into school the children will be guided to form positive relationships with their peers through play and sharing games. The children will be learning about our classroom rules and the daily routine.

Creative Development (Specific Area)- The children will be exploring lots of colours and materials. Creating work for our classrooms, including shape houses, self portraits and coloured glasses. There will be lots of opportunities to be creative!

 The World (Specific Area)- Your child will have the opportunity to explore an learn about their senses and what they are used for. We will be using our senses to touch different textured materials, smell and look.  Using the ‘Funny Bones’ story we will be naming parts of our body.

We will be finishing the term with a Teddy Bears picnic in our nature area.  On Wednesday 17th October at 2.30 Miss Cooke’s class we invite you to join them at bring along a sandwich  and your  favourite bear to go deep into the Monkshouse nature area.

 Physical Development (Prime Area)- Your child will have a weekly PE lesson, this will be every Wednesday. Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school and no jewellery is worn on this day. This term’s PE sessions will be dance. In class we will be using our fine motor skills to hold pencils correctly and work on our scissor skills.

Tips for home: To improve your child’s fine motor skills use activities such as pegging washing on the line, using tweezers to pick objects up small objects and threading beads.

Top Tip! To encourage your child’s independence give them small jobs around the home . Please practice dressing for PE and being able to independently put on their coats.


Thank you - Miss Cooke 

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Our First Term

The children have had a great first term at school.

Our first 7 weeks have flown by! This term we have followed the topic 'Marvellous Me' and Wow we have learnt so much about each other. 

In Maths we have been working on Patterns, Number recognition, Counting amounts, 2D shape and Addition. Our Mathematical skills have really improved over the course of the term.

Our Literacy has been based on practicing to write our names, starting to form letters and listening to initial sounds in order to write.  



In week one we created self-portraits to display in our classroom, we used mirrors to look at features describe them to our friends. 


We have used our scissor skills to create the characters from the FunnyBones story. 



We had a visit from the local eye opticians, Molsoms. They came to talk to us about the importance of caring for our eyes. The brought with them glasses frames, eye tests and contact lenses for us to explore.


In the last week of school, we invited our grown up's into school to listen to us orally re-retell the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt, it was so lovely to see so many parents

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