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Welcome to the Duckling Class Blog!

Teacher : Miss Cooke 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Smolen 


Our termly topics are;

Term 1 : Marvellous Me 

Term 2: Let's Celebrate 

Term 3 : Tell us A Story

Term 4 : Food Glorious Food 

Term 5: Animal Antics 

Term 6 : Bigger, Bigger, Bigger 


Marvellous me!                                 Autumn 1

What is special about me? As we settle into school and get to know the daily routines we will be finding out about what makes us special. EVERYTHING! We will find out about our families, houses and bodies in this marvellous topic which help children’s friendships blossom and individual interests shine through.

I Spy with my little eye... as we explore our new classrooms we begin to learn through using our 5 senses. Each week a different sense will lead our topic’s of learning.


That sound is loud! That one’s quiet… Shhhh, listen up! What can you hear? There are sounds all around. What’s making each one? Using the Story Peace at Last the children will create the sound effects for all the noises keeping Daddy Bear up at night.


We will be celebrating the end of a successful first term at school with a senses explosion. Using all our 5 senses we will go on adventure and we’re not scared!  Swishing through the long grass, squelching through the mud to a deep dark cave ready for our Teddy Bear’s picnic.



Literacy – In literacy we will be working on our pencil control to write our names, draw pictures of the people in our family and write an invitation to our Teddy Bears picnic. We will be focusing on ‘Talk Time’ with most work this term being recorded through discussions to develop children’s vocabulary and sentence structure.


 Maths - How many fingers do we have? In maths the children will be focussing on recognising numbers and counting amounts. They will be learning the names of common 2D shapes to a picture of their house and will be making patterns using musical instruments and our favourite colours.


Let’s Celebrate                                Autumn 2


It’s all party, party, party down in reception this term with our Let’s Celebrate topic and we will be starting the term with a bang!  The children will be finding out about the history of why we celebrate Guy Fawkes on the 5th November. We will discover how the Hindu festival of lights Diwali is celebrated and even hold a Monkshouse mock wedding.


As the dark winter approaches our classrooms will be full of colour and light as we get ready for the biggest celebration of all at the this time, Christmas! Through our RE discovery lessons we will study the real reason behind this celebration and prepare for the children to don the stage for a fantastic performance of The Christmas story!



Literacy - In our Letters & Sound lessons they children are working through phase 2 and in their literacy are now listening to sounds in words to write the first sound in words and even some simple 3 sound words. The children will start to look at writing for different purposes including writing words describe the sounds fireworks make, write celebration cards and labels for presents.


Maths – Children will be continuing to work on their number recognition and counting skills. Simple addition and subtraction will also be introduced at this stage. In Space, Shape and Measure the children will learn about money, recognising coins to 20p and selecting the correct coin to buy for items in our role play shop. Time will also be introduced this term; children will sequence events in a day and learn to tell the time to the hour.


Tell us a Story!                                Spring 1

Was the Big Bad Wolf really so bad? How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat? This term each week we will have a new story to tell from traditional tales such as The Ginger Bread man to popular children’s stories The Gruffalo. Is there such a thing as a Gruffalo? We will find out as we go on a Gruffalo hunt through the forest meeting various characters along the way. Following these magical projects all about fairy tales, goodies and baddies the children will be using their communication and language skills to listen, sequence and even retell popular stories.

The first of our outdoor learning experiences also starts this term with our’ Muddy Monday’ and ‘Welly Wednesday’ days the children will base their outdoor learning on the story ‘The Three Little Pigs investigating the best material to build a house. We can’t wait to get messy!


Literacy – In our guided writing the children will begin to look at how to structure a simple sentence. We will write in speech bubbles to think about what characters might say at particular parts of the stories, describe baddies to create wanted posters to help the fairy tale police catch the big bad wolf and think of our own alternative endings to traditional tales. What if The 3 bears went to Goldilocks house?!



Maths – Children will now begin to use their addition knowledge to double amounts; we will be learning the double facts to 5 and through practical activities use doubling to solve problems. Using their counting skills children will start to collect data and look at how data can be interpreted and displayed in pictorial forms. We will also be using mathematical equipment such as balance scale to weigh objects and make direct comparisons.



Food Glorious Food                        Spring 2

Why can't I have chocolate for breakfast? Which food types are healthy? What do we like to eat? We will explore these questions and more in this project about where our food comes from, staying healthy and trying foods from around the world.

The children will be enjoying lots of Design and Technology lessons this term following food from the farm to the fork. Children will have the opportunity to grow their own foods, design their own tasty meals and even create them to host their very own healthy eating cafe.

From pasta and pizza to spicy Indian curries the children will explore their food likes and dislikes and compare foods from around the world. Oh my tummy is rumbling already thinking about all this yummy food!

Literacy –  As a class we create our very own recipe book! Using bossy words and time adverbials the children will write instructions for all the yummy food they create. We will also write Menu’s for our role play Cafe and write shopping lists to help us make sure we have all our ingredients.


Maths – This term in our maths lessons children will be introduced to finding half of an object before moving on to half the numbers to 10. We will begin to look at number sequences such as counting and grouping objects into twos. Also capacity will be introduced through lots of practical maths lessons.



Animal Antics                                 Summer 1

Soft fur, sharp claws and twitching whiskers... What’s your favourite animal? One that meows? One that barks? Or maybe one that scurries or slithers? From the wildest to the cutest this topic will explore animals from the land to the sea.

We will engage the children with a rather hands on scientific investigation studying the food chains, habitats and the features of animals the children will solve “Whose Poo”.

Quick outside! A mysterious animal has created a hole in our garden?! Using the book ‘The Something’ the children will create their own imaginative story about what animal lives down our hole and what they could be doing? Are the ants having a party? Or maybe a badger lives down their quietly knitting jumpers for his family? Our imaginations will run wild!!

The children will get up close to lots of animals this term, from observing the life cycle of a frog in our school pond to watching the monkeys swing on our school visit to Hamilton Zoo. It will surely be a term full of animal antics!

Literacy –  Does it have 4 legs? Or maybe even a long tail? Who am I? The children will write clear sentences to write questions to guess which animal is hiding behind the door at the zoo?We will compare the features of animals by labelling parts of their bodies. After their visit to Hamilton Zoo the children will recall their day giving relevant details about what they saw at the zoo.  By now we will be using our phase 3 letters and sounds knowledge and will even spell some words from memory.



Maths - Children will be developing their understanding of time and will learn how to tell the time to o’clock and half past. The children will also be improving their number recognition of 2 – digit numbers and begin to explore place value.  We will revisit 2D and 3D shapes, naming common shapes and understanding the different properties of them.


Growing   Bigger, Bigger, Bigger            Summer 2

Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? In this topic the children will look at what plants need to grow planting seeds and keeping diaries to observe the growth and changes over time. Mine’s Bigger than yours! Who can grow the biggest sunflower? The children will compete to see what conditions are best for their sunflowers to grow. As the sun shines we will be spending lots of time outside in our garden using natural materials to create beautiful pieces of art work.

As well as growing plants we come to the end of year the children will also looking at how the children have grown, what can we do now that we couldn’t when we were a baby? Using pictures and captions the children will create a time line of milestones reflecting on their life to date. We will be celebrating the children’s achievements in their first year at school and begin their transition into year one.

Literacy – Whilst caring for their seeds and willing them to grow the children will keep a 7 day diary writing about the progress of their little seed and the care they have been given in order to improve their sentence writing and begin to spell the days of the week. The children will look at writing in past tense to create a timeline of their milestones. We will be reading Jack and the Beanstalk and Oliver’s Vegetables to support our topic this term.


Maths - In the final term the children will secure their knowledge of addition and subtraction by learning the number bonds to 10 and understanding the difference between the 2 operations. To measure how tall our sunflowers grow, the children will study measurements in their maths lessons and begin to look at how to use measuring equipment.


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Term 3 - Parent Bridge building

As part of our Tell us a Story topic parents came into school to help the children build Billy Goats Gruff bidge. 


Term 5 - Ellie the Vet



Ellie from South Lincs Vets came into school this week to tell the children about how to care for pets. 


Term 1 - Marvelous Me

                         Term1 :   This term our topic has been Marvellous Me.

Communication and Language (Prime Area)- Within our topic ‘Marvellous Me’ the children will be speaking about where they live and who is in their family. We will be describing what our senses are used for though our weekly ‘Big Talk’ sessions. By doing so, the children will be  developing their spoken sentences; we will be modelling grammatical correctness and promote using interesting vocabulary. 

Literacy (Specific Area)- We will be looking at books about our senses, such as ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. Through daily Letters and Sounds lessons the children will be learning the individual sounds letters make and will be encouraged to recognise words and blend to read words. The children will be learning how to write their name and listening to their sounds to write words about our topic.

Tips for at home:   If you have any books related to our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic it would be useful to read them at home to encourage naming parts of the body and senses. Encourage your child to be a keen writer by leaving special pencils and notepads alongside their favourite toys.

 There will be a daily Maths session where, through fun activities, rhymes and songs, your child will be learning to count objects, recognise numerals and solve simple calculations.

Tips for home: Numbers are everywhere! point them out to your child.

Curriculum Meeting  We invite all parents to our Reception Curriculum evening on Thursday 18th October at 6.00pm. This is an opportunity to find out more information about home reading, home learning and what our child will be learning at school. More information to follow.

 Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Prime Area) - As we are settling into school the children will be guided to form positive relationships with their peers through play and sharing games. The children will be learning about our classroom rules and the daily routine.

Creative Development (Specific Area)- The children will be exploring lots of colours and materials. Creating work for our classrooms, including shape houses, self portraits and coloured glasses. There will be lots of opportunities to be creative!

 The World (Specific Area)- Your child will have the opportunity to explore an learn about their senses and what they are used for. We will be using our senses to touch different textured materials, smell and look.  Using the ‘Funny Bones’ story we will be naming parts of our body.

We will be finishing the term with a Teddy Bears picnic in our nature area.  On Wednesday 17th October at 2.30 Miss Cooke’s class we invite you to join them at bring along a sandwich  and your  favourite bear to go deep into the Monkshouse nature area.

 Physical Development (Prime Area)- Your child will have a weekly PE lesson, this will be every Wednesday. Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school and no jewellery is worn on this day. This term’s PE sessions will be dance. In class we will be using our fine motor skills to hold pencils correctly and work on our scissor skills.

Tips for home: To improve your child’s fine motor skills use activities such as pegging washing on the line, using tweezers to pick objects up small objects and threading beads.

Top Tip! To encourage your child’s independence give them small jobs around the home . Please practice dressing for PE and being able to independently put on their coats.


Thank you - Miss Cooke 


Term 2 - Let's Celebrate

Term 2 - Ducklings 

Wow! This term has gone sooo quickly! Today we have had our Christmas party day and as I sit and write this blog I have been reflecting on what a busy term it has been. Who can believe we have just one more week left of Term 2. 


This term the whole class took part in a mock wedding, in true wedding style we spent the morning preparing for the occasion. We created a hats and flowers to wear, decorated biscuits for our wedding breakfast and listened to the popular story The Scarecrow's Wedding. After lunch we came back to find our classroom had been transformed into a church. The guests and bridal party organised themselves and as the wedding march song started we stood for the entrance of the bride. After the service the party started with dancing biscuits and of course milk. 


Remembrance Sunday 

Along with the whole school we marked the occasion of 100 years since the end WW1. We made poppies to lay on the school cenotaph and took part in a reflective service. The children had some really thoughtful questions and comments about the way to remember people who had served for country. 



Christmas Time!

The glitter and sequence came out early this year and we transformed our role play into Santa’s Grotto. The children have loved dressing up and acting out scenes of Christmas morning. 

The Nativity 

We are so pleased with how hard the children worked learning the songs and words for our Nativity performance. It was so lovely to see so many parents come along to watch the show and kick off Christmas. I’m sure like us you were proud of their loud voices and how confident they were to perform on a stage in front of so many people. What stars they are! 

Chrsitmas Party Day 

A super day of celebrations with Magic Keith, a visit from Santa and party games and food galore. 



Our First Term

The children have had a great first term at school.

Our first 7 weeks have flown by! This term we have followed the topic 'Marvellous Me' and Wow we have learnt so much about each other. 

In Maths we have been working on Patterns, Number recognition, Counting amounts, 2D shape and Addition. Our Mathematical skills have really improved over the course of the term.

Our Literacy has been based on practicing to write our names, starting to form letters and listening to initial sounds in order to write.  



In week one we created self-portraits to display in our classroom, we used mirrors to look at features describe them to our friends. 


We have used our scissor skills to create the characters from the FunnyBones story. 



We had a visit from the local eye opticians, Molsoms. They came to talk to us about the importance of caring for our eyes. The brought with them glasses frames, eye tests and contact lenses for us to explore.


In the last week of school, we invited our grown up's into school to listen to us orally re-retell the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt, it was so lovely to see so many parents

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