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Welcome to Goldfinches blog. Miss Amess has thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of the new year 1 children and they have settled in well to the new routines.

Term 1

Our topic this term is 'Splendid Skies'. We have covered various parts of the curriculum, such as the weather, seasons, maps and the continents of the world. Within ICT we have spoken about the terms ‘algorithm’ and ‘execute’. We have talked about our families, rules and our place within the community in PSHE. The children particularly enjoyed learning about special places in RE. We have identified the key features of a church and synagogue as well as thinking about our own special places. Next term we are hoping to visit a local church to consolidate our learning. 

The children particularly enjoyed designing and making their own kites this term. The children spent time planning and evaluating their kite in DT lessons. The children finally got the chance to test their kites; luckily the weather was perfect for kite flying!

Term 2

We have been busy exploring 'Enchanted Woodlands' this term. The children have enjoyed taking part in lots of outdoor activities. They have made tree boggarts, dens and sculptures during DT and art lessons. The children have also made their own woodland crowns using natural materials found in the nature area and wrote instructions on how to make them. As part of our RE learning, the children visited a local church where they got to look around at different features and completed a scavenger hunt around the church.

Towards the end of this term, the children have spent lots of time practising for our Christmas performance of 'Ralph the Reindeer'. We have learnt songs and actions and can't wait to perform to you all! During the final week we will have lots of celebrations and activities to look forward to. The children will be making Christmas cards and calendars. We are having our Christmas party on Wednesday 19th December and will be watching a pantomime on Thursday 20th December. 

Term 3

Our topic this term has been 'Bright Lights, Big City'. We received an invitation from Buckingham Palace, inviting all of Year 1 to a royal tea party. We based our English lessons around this and spent time preparing for the occasion. Unfortunately the Queen was unable to attend, but the children still had a wonderful time and Miss Burton made a great replacement! 

Towards the end of this term, the children took part in our History Day where they learn about the Great Fire if London. They made tudor style houses, replicating Pudding Lane and got to show off all their learning at their Curriculum Evening.

Term 4

Our topic this term has been 'Memory Box'. We began the topic by discussing memories and comparing our needs to the needs of babies. The children particularly enjoyed looking at each other's baby photos and playing guess who? In the first week, we held a teddy bear's picnic. It was beautiful weather all week, however, when it came to the day of the picnic it decided to rain very heavily. This didn't stop us though and the children thoroughly enjoyed sharing the sandwich kebabs with their parents and younger siblings, that they made earlier in the day.

Term 5

Our topic this term has been 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers'. We began the topic with a memorable experience and went on our first trip of the year to Woodside Wildlife Park. The children had a fantastic day, lucikly the weather held out and we spent the day walking around the park learning about the animals kept there, and even had the chance to hold a snake! In English the children wrote recounts of our trip and included lots of wonderful detail in their writing. The children have completed lots of animal related learning this term. In Art, the children have sketched animals which have been put on display and they have taken part in outdoor learning.

The children shared all of our lovely learning in our Curriculum Evening. We learnt a song about the seven continents and enjoyed showing our work to parents and carers! 

Term 6

Our topic this term is 'Superheroes' and we will be having a Superhero day on Wednesday 12th June.


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Superhero day - Term 6

On Wednesday 12th June Year 1 was overrun with superheroes! The children have had a lovely day and enjoyed completing a superhero hunt within English as well as writing about their favourite hero. At the end of the day the children took part in activities which tested their super powers! They took part in a relay race and a lot of children used their super speed! They also defeated villains using their throwing skills and had the chance to throw Captain America's shield as far as they could.

What a super day!! 


RE visitor - Term 6

On Tuesday 11th June we had a special visitor in school teaching us about Islam. Sumaiya is a Muslim, this means she follows the religion of Islam. She brought lots of interesting artefacts in and told us how Muslims use them when they pray. We learnt that Muslims go to a Mosque to pray and use a prayer mat. Did you know Muslims pray five times a day and they take their shoes off to do this?

The children particularly enjoyed colouring their own Eid card or prayer mat and exploring the different artefacts.


Take One Picture - Term 6

Our first week back to school has been very busy! We have spent the week looking at a painting by Jack Kavanagh. We have written newspapers in English about a robbery at the cafe and became newspaper reporters using green screen! We also created some fantastic silhouettes in our art lesson.


Baptist Church - Term 5

On Wednesday 8th May, Debbie from Spalding Baptist Church came in to speak to year 1 about Christianity. This term in RE we will we thinking about how Christians express their beliefs. Debbie talked about loving God and how we should treat others how we would like to be treated. We briefly discussed charity and what this means, Debbie showed us a photo of a boy called Jefferson. He lives in Haiti and Debbie explained how she often send him gifts and letters. 


Year 1 trip - Woodside Wildlife Park - Term 5

Yesterday Year 1 went on their trip to Woodside Wildlife Park. The children had a wonderful time learning all about the different animals kept there. We began the day by looking at the cute, fluffy meerkats, they were very good at digging! We then watched a variety of shows including feeding the wolves, lynx and tiger. We couldn't believe how sharp the tigers claws were! The children walked around the park with their guide who taught them all about the animals, telling us lots of different facts. Finally we went inside to watch the last show and was given the choice to stroke a blue tongue lizard and even hold a snake! Some of the children and teachers were very brave. What a fantastic day we had!


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