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Welcome to Goldfinches blog. Miss Amess has thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of the new year 1 children and they have settled in well to the new routines.

Term 1

Our topic this term is 'Splendid Skies'. We have covered various parts of the curriculum, such as the weather, seasons, maps and the continents of the world. Within ICT we have spoken about the terms ‘algorithm’ and ‘execute’. We have talked about our families, rules and our place within the community in PSHE. The children particularly enjoyed learning about special places in RE. We have identified the key features of a church and synagogue as well as thinking about our own special places. Next term we are hoping to visit a local church to consolidate our learning. 

The children particularly enjoyed designing and making their own kites this term. The children spent time planning and evaluating their kite in DT lessons. The children finally got the chance to test their kites; luckily the weather was perfect for kite flying!

Term 2

We have been busy exploring 'Enchanted Woodlands' this term. The children have enjoyed taking part in lots of outdoor activities. They have made tree boggarts, dens and sculptures during DT and art lessons. The children have also made their own woodland crowns using natural materials found in the nature area and wrote instructions on how to make them. As part of our RE learning, the children visited a local church where they got to look around at different features and completed a scavenger hunt around the church.

Towards the end of this term, the children have spent lots of time practising for our Christmas performance of 'Ralph the Reindeer'. We have learnt songs and actions and can't wait to perform to you all! During the final week we will have lots of celebrations and activities to look forward to. The children will be making Christmas cards and calendars. We are having our Christmas party on Wednesday 19th December and will be watching a pantomime on Thursday 20th December. 

Term 3

Our topic this term has been 'Bright Lights, Big City'. We received an invitation from Buckingham Palace, inviting all of Year 1 to a royal tea party. We based our English lessons around this and spent time preparing for the occasion. Unfortunately the Queen was unable to attend, but the children still had a wonderful time and Miss Burton made a great replacement! 

Towards the end of this term, the children took part in our History Day where they learn about the Great Fire if London. They made tudor style houses, replicating Pudding Lane and got to show off all their learning at their Curriculum Evening.

Term 4

Our topic this term has been 'Memory Box'. We began the topic by discussing memories and comparing our needs to the needs of babies. The children particularly enjoyed looking at each other's baby photos and playing guess who? In the first week, we held a teddy bear's picnic. It was beautiful weather all week, however, when it came to the day of the picnic it decided to rain very heavily. This didn't stop us though and the children thoroughly enjoyed sharing the sandwich kebabs with their parents and younger siblings, that they made earlier in the day.


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Science Day - Term 4

We have had a fun-filled day full of investgations and activities based on seasonal change. We began the day by discussing seasonal change and what this means.This morning the children braved storm Gareth and went outside to our nature area to complete a pond dipping task. We managed to collect some minibeasts and very small, but very fast tadpoles. Unfortunately, the children missed the frog that made an appearance for the Robins! The children really enjoyed coming back to class to look at everything we found under the microscope. We also created windmills and tested these outside. In the afternoon, the children went outside to collect bud and leaf clippings and tried to match them using identification sheets. Our final investigation involved planting cress and discussing which conditions would be best for growth.


Ladies in School Day

What a wonderful day! The children really enjoyed having their family in class with them. The children created some lovely pieces of artwork linked to our new topic, Memory Box. These will be displayed outside the Year 1 classrooms. 


Term 3 Curriculum Evening

On Thursday 7th February, Year 1 held their first curriculum evening of this academic year. Parents and carers were invited to school to see and hear about the learning that the children have been doing linked to our current topic 'Bright Lights, Big City'. The children took part in a presentation and sang 'London's Burning'. To conclude the evening, everyone was invited to look at all of the children's wonderful homework projects, (we've never seen so many Big Ben's in one room!) and the work that the children completed on our Innovate day linked to the Great Fire of London.

Royal Tea Party!

On Monday 7th January, Year 1 received a special delivery from Buckingham Palace. We eagerly anticipated what could be inside and soon found an invitation to a royal tea party! Our tea party took place on Wednesday 9th January and all the children came dressed for the occasion.The children listened to the National Anthem and enjoyed some delicious treats before saying a toast.

Unfortunately the Queen couldn't make it to our party (we hope she'll visit another time!), nevertheless the children and teachers had a fantastic morning!


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