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Christmas Play


Christmas presents, snowflakes, robins, cooks and the donkey accompanied Baby Jesus in the production of ‘A Christmas Recipe’. Year 2 had a fantastic time and every child excelled in learning their lines and the 10 songs. Mrs Wheatley and Mrs Wickham are very proud of them.

World War I day

World War I was remembered in year 2 last week. They learnt about life in the trenches and why we remember the soldiers who died. We focussed on the medals that were won and made our own to commemorate the war heroes.

Our final activity was to make poppies from tissue. This was then laid at the foot of the cenotaph made by year 6.

Science Day

On Tuesday 13th November Mr Evans visited Kingfishers and taught the children about the electricity, including its dangers. The learnt how to make simple circuits and how to make a bulb brighter. They finally generated their own electricity with dynamos. A great time was had by all.

Commando Joe

Kingfishers participated in the exciting WWI themed assault course on Tuesday 6th November. They were challenged to cross the ‘swamp’ using a plank, tyre, hoops and stepping stones. Climbing the ‘bouncy assault castle’ was great fun and the children were challenged to remember a scene whilst completing the course. Well done Kingfishers.


Messy Morning


Wow! A fantstic first morning to start our topic. We looked at textures, patterns and bubbles! We hope it continues to be as much fun.

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