Letters 2018/19

PTA KS2/leavers Disco
Smoothie Competiton/Entry Form 
Yr 6 Production of Rock Bottom 
Yr 6 Fun Day
Lincoln Castle Trip 
Summer Fair 
EYFS Sports Day 
Parents/Carers First Aid Workshop
Year 4 Sleepover
Year 6 Leavers Assembly 
Year 1 Parents/Carers First Aid Workshop
WWF & World Oceans' Day - Non Uniform  
Rec & KS1 Gentlemen in School Day 
KS2 Gentlemen in School Day 
Reception Parents/Carers First Aid Workshop 
PTA Father's Day Presents  
Yr 4 Trip to West Stow Information 
Yr 6 Harry Potter & Swimming 
Yr 2 Outdoor Learning 
Yr 3 Curriculum Evening 
Yr 5 Curriculum Evening 
Yr 1 Curriculum Evening 
Year 5 Visit to Belton House 
Great Big School Clean Up 
Mrs Isaac-Pick's Class Assembly 
BAFTA Holiday Club
Yr 6 Non Uniform Day 
PTA Joules Sale 
Yr 4 Trip to West Stow Trip 
After School Club Spaces for Term 5 & 6
Yr 6 SATs Breakfast Club 
Yr 6 Harry Potter Indication Letter 
Great Big School Clean Up 
Yr 4 SGS & SHS Learning Experience
Shoesday Letter & Competition 
Year 5 First Aid Training 
Rec BalanceAbility Club 
KS2 Art & Drawing Clubs
Term 5&6 Club Letter & Club List 
Yr 1 Outdoor Learning 
Puzzle Club - Yr 5
Easter Tea Letter 2
Reception Visit to Hamerton Zoo
Yr 1 Visit to Woodside Wildlife Park 
Easter Tea 
PTA Mother's Day Presents 
Yr 3 - Flag Fen Visit 
Yr 5 - Sex and Relationship Education 
School Council Comic Relief Activities 
Fairtrade Fortnight - The Big Brew 
Rec/KS1 Story Telling Session 
World Book Day 
Yr 1 Memory Box & Teddy Bear's Picnic
Reading Rewards 
Parents' Evening
Yr 3 Outdoor Learning 
Yr 4 Curriculum Evening 
Yr 6 Local Visits 
Yr 6 Curriculum Evening 
PTA Valentine's Disco 
Yr 1 & Yr 2 Curriculum Evening
Yr 6 Trip to Duxford 
KS2 Ladies in School Day 
Rec & KS1 Ladies in School Day
Yr 5 Trip to Bugtopia 
Yr 1 Proposed Trip to Woodside Wildlife Park
Mr McHugh's Class Assembly
Nursery Art Exhibition & Bedtime Story Event 
Proposed BAFTA Easter Holiday Club 
Year 1 Tea Party 
Terms 3 & 4 After School Letter & Club List 
Year 4 Outdoor Learning 
KS2 Christmas Celebration 
Year 2 Art Exhibition 
Christmas Fair Poster 
Christmas Fair & Non Uniform 
Nursery Christmas Performance 
KS1 Christmas Performances 
Reception Christmas Performance 
Year 2 Church Visit
KS1 Pantomine Visit (not Reception) 
Reception Diwali Experience
PGL 2019 
Anti-Bullying Sock Competition 
Year 1 Visit to St. John's Church
Children in Need - 16th November 
Anti-Bullying Week 12th-16th November 
Flu Vaccinations Reception - Yr 5
Secondary School 2019
Parents' Evening 
Swimming Lessons - Year 3 Miss Mosscatiello - Term 2 
Year 5 Planatarium Workshop 
Year 5 Outdoor Learning 
Year 1 Reading 
Extra Outdoor Learning 
Year 5 Egyptian Day 
Year 2 Curriculum Evening 
Year 3 Curriculum Evening
Design a Christmas Card Project 
Miss Tawn's Class Assembly
Reception are Going on a Bear Hunt
Reception Curriculum Workshop 
Winter Warmer Soup Challenge 
Thank you from Agape Care Foodbank 
Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 
After School Clubs (Term 1 & 2) Letter & List 
Charlotte's Web Performance (not Reception)  
Year 6 Outdoor Learning 
Year 4 (Mr Myland) Swimming Lessons 
Year 6 Swimming Lessons (not already achieved 25m) 
Letters 2017/18
Governor Newsletter
Thank you from Bafta
Year 3 Greek Day 
Year 2 Lincoln Castle Visit Letter 2 
Publicity Consent 
Ofsted Report 2018
Tuck Shop
PGL 2018
Anti-Bullying Week - November
Social Media - October


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