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Term 1 - Marvellous Me

Term 2 - Let's Celebrate

Term 3 - Stort Time

 Term 4 - Glorious Food

 Term 5 - Animal Antics

Term 6 -

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Term 4 in Wrens

Food Glorious Food 


We have had another busy term in Reception. We have been learning alll about Food, where is comes from, healthy lunch boxes and eating different things. The children have  enjoyed our  Design and Technology lessons; from making Pizzas to making and eating pancakes and chocolate easter nests. 


Literacy –  We have been reading books about food; Mr Wolfs Pancakes and Handas Surprise.  writing lists of what ingrediants and instructions for all the yummy food they create.  

Maths This term in our maths lessons the have been reinforcing number formation and learning lots of different songs to help our maths learning. We have been  finding half of an object  and  half the numbers to 10. We have learnt about number sequences such as counting and grouping objects into twos. Clocks has been a favourite with the children learning about on the hour and half past. Also capacity through  practical maths lessons.

Thank you Mrs Battrawden


Term 2 in Wrens


This term has been another busy term. The children have been doing lots of learning about our topic..."Lets Celebrate".

We had a great week at the beginning of term learning about Guy Fawkes, singing about fireworks and drinking hot chocolate.

As it was hundred years since the end of the First World War we learnt about Remembrance. We took part as a whole school in a reflective service and made poppies to put on the school centoph. We thought about the people who had served for our country all those years ago.

Another enjoyable week was when we had a mock wedding in class! The children got ready for the special day by making biscuits, decorated hats, making paper flowers, learning the story of The Scarecrows Wedding  and dressing up in wedding clothes. 

The last few weeks of term  have been busy practising for our nativity. The children did very well learning the songs and their words. We have also had a party day with Magic Keith and his tricks and Father Christmas came to visit. The children enjoyed lots of party food, games and songs.

Thank you Mrs Battrawden

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