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6B Ospreys

Welcome to our Class Blog!

Come check out our amazing journey of learning! Throughout the year, we will be updating the progress so please feel free to see what we're doing and how your child is getting on! We could be taking part in outdoor learning, sweating it out in PE or cracking on in lessons. Either way, come join us!

Mr Roberts (the badminton loving caffeine enthusiast) and Mrs Cruickshank (the Literacy/Grammar queen/fellow caffeine enthusiast) are here to make this year one to remember!

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Year 6 Fun Day

The children were rewarded for all their efforts with a day of FUN in the SUN! They managed to go crazy on some inflatables, play some golf and short tennis, as well as completing a chocolate challenge - which melted of course! Their behaviour was impeccable and they really did do themselves proud!



Year 6...Sewing...That's right...You're not sEeInG ThInGs

Well where do I start: Year 6 sewing?! That's right folks! Mrs Cruickshank took the lead on this one (you can probably figure out why) as she taught the class (and myself) how to cross stitch. The children planned ANYTHING they wanted and completed their final product with a range of colours! Very impressed with the final products on show! Well done guys!

Short Story Writing Competition - with a SpOoKy TwIsT

A HUGE congratulations to Lucy for winning the Spooky Story competition as chosen by her peers! She bagged herself a personalised pen all ready for her new school - well done!


Super Swimmers!

Ospreys are blessed with 2 amazing swimmers!

Lucy has been training for the last 4-5 years and has now completed her 2000m badge! Her next challenge is now the 3000m - good luck! 

Millie is a confident swimmer who has completed her 3000m badge. She has been training for the last 2-3 years and her next challenge is the 5000m! 

With determination, I'm sure you will both achieve more badges in the future! Very proud PE coordinator indeed!





Year 6 children were treated to an amazing virtual reality experience. ARK came into school and led a virtual tour: the children were taken to places in the Mayan History and their learning went to the next level - even Mr Roberts had a go!


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