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5B - Owls

Welcome to the Year 5 (Owls) Class Blog!

Throughout the year, we will be updating our progress so please check in to see how we're getting on!

Good links for helping your child at home:

BBC Bitesize KS2

A good website which covers all subjects we cover throughout the year. I suggest this is your go-to website for understanding the vocabulary that is used in the curriculum. 

My Maths

We use My Maths as our online homework for Maths. It's a great tool to use as it demonstrates the steps the children can follow to complete tasks which is an overlooked aspect of the website. I recommend the children look through these steps before completing the homeworks I have set for them. 

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Term 6 - Belton House

Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic day out at Belton House near Grantham. They were fascinated by the grounds and how the gardens were designed. Even after Mr McHugh's struggles to open the entrance door, the children wandered about the Orangery which contained some amazing exotic plants as well as examples of technology that are not seen today. Within the house itself, the children were mesmerised by the content of the 'Upstairs, Downstairs' workshop they took part in. They had the chance to dress up in the clothing of the workers that would have worked for the Brownlow family and were very lucky that photography was not allowed in the basement area. Their behaviour was fantastic and represented the school brilliantly. They were very thankful that their parents and guardians allowed them to go on the trip!


Term 6 - Take One Picture

Take One Picture week allowed the children to research George Bellows' painting of 'The Men of the Docks'. Year 5 pictured how life would be during the years around the date of the painting in the year of 1912. They discussed how different life would be and particularly enjoyed ideas about how different jobs and journeys would be. The end result was an abstract collaborative version of the painting with each member of the class being allocated a section to create.

Term 5 - LIVES First Aid Workshop

To develop our understanding of assessing risks and avoiding dangerous situations, we took part in a First Aid Training workshop to ensure we understand what to do in different situations. We learnt about the Recovery Position, what to do when someone is choking and how to check that someone is breathing. We had fun learning about all of these life skills.

Term 5 - The Haka Part II

The children have been doing well with their understanding of the Haka. We've looked at how the Haka is used to tell stories such as the Ka Mate haka  (which is often performed by the All Blacks rugby team before their matches) and the Kapa o Pango haka. The children have experimented with different sequences of their own hakas as well as performing to the rest of the class. We will be creating our own Haka to perform as a full class. Keep checking our blog for an update!


Term 5 - Catapult Chaos!

Today, we made our own catapults! Mr McHugh challenged us to figure out how to make catapults out of two lollipop sticks, two dowel joints and elastic bands. The challenge was on!

Surprisingly, we were pretty good at this! A few lollipop sticks snapped but overall we completed the challenge. Even though it was a rainy and dull day, we had lots of fun and we're looking forward to using them during Science this week! Watch out Mr McHugh! We think you're going to regret this!

Please note: No Mr McHughs were injured during the making of the catapults.


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