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Peregrine Falcons

Term 1 – Blood Heart

Crimson, scarlet, burgundy, cherry…blood flows through our bodies in all its vibrant shades of red. Let’s explore our circulation system! Now surgeons don’t be squeamish as we dissect an animal heart and examine the veins, arteries and chambers up close. They all work hard to move blood around our bodies. William Harvey was fascinated with anatomy and made ground-breaking discoveries about valves. What might we uncover? This term the children will be finding out how to keep their hearts happy with cardiovascular exercise and healthy food. They will also be considering the damage that can be done through factors such as a healthy diet, smoking and drinking alcohol. In addition to this, the children will be exploring vital questions including: Who am I? Where do I come from? What are my strengths? What have I inherited from my parents? This term we will be answering these questions as the children become detectives to explore exactly what it is that makes them who they are. The children will be learning to view themselves as individuals and explore all the characteristics and traits that help to make them a unique human being. During the topic they will be investigating the classification of living things; looking in particular at microorganisms and how these are both a help and hindrance in everyday life. They will be exploring their own local area and making contrasts between this and other parts of the world.

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Dissecting Hearts


During our Blood Heart topic, we had the unique opportunity to dissect some pig hearts. 

We were initailly a little bit unsure of picking up the hearts, but once we got into it, it was amazing to see all of the different parts that we had learned about. 


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