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Welcome to Puffins' Class blog! 

In Term 5 we will be investigating prehistoric Britain in our topic "Tribal Tales".  Looking at how early humans settled and created communities in the Stone Age we will look at how their lives were different and similar to our own.

Our topic will include creating our own prehistoric art, taking inspiration from locations around the world.  We will also be studying plant growth and how this links to early farming and settlement.

This term Puffins class will be swimming.  The cost of this is £3.00 per session and will begin on Tuesday 17th March. 

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Flag Fen

On 17th May, the class are going on an exciting trip to Flag Fen.  Thank you to everyone who has returned their permission slip and payment.

A few things you will need:

  • To be dressed in school uniform.
  • We don't what the weather will be like, but the site is exposed.  Please bring a change of shoes and a waterproof coat.
  • Packed lunch and drinks, we will picnic together in the visitors' centre.
  • To bring any medication needed to school and give it to your class teacher to look after.

It is a very busy day with lots of fun activities to do.  We will be leaving straight after register so you need to be at school on time.  We aim to return before 3.15pm, so you will be able to be picked up from school as normal.



In Maths this week, we have been learning about shapes and their properties. Last week, the children were  able to recognise and draw a range of triangles (isosceles, right angled and scalene). We also used geoboards with elastic bands to create the triangles. 

We have revised our knowledge on 2D and 3D shapes throughout the week and have made 3D shapes out of modelling materials. We have also made outlines of 3D shapes using straws and playdough, which we found really fun!

Today, we have been out shape hunting for 3D shapes in everyday places and spaces! We found lots of different shapes out and about in the school playground and in our classroom. We have created posters to show all of the shapes we found during our hunt.



Links for Stone Age information.

This BBC  link has some lovely learning videos that may help your children.

World Book Day 2017
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