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This term we are exploring the fantastic topic ‘Flow’.

Throughout the topic, we are exploring rivers and the following questions… What is the river process? Which animals make their homes there? How can rivers be used by different people? Why are they important?

We will also be exploring the water cycle and making our own water cycle models.

In Art, we are going to be mixing water colours creating beautiful paintings. We will also be learning about Monet and recreate the famous waterlilies painting.




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The Water Cycle

This week we have learnt about the water cycle.

We discovered that water on Earth is constantly moving. It is recycled over and over again. This recycling process is called the water cycle. We created our very own water cycle plates!


1. Water evaporates into the air

The sun heats up water on land, in rivers, lakes and seas and turns it into water vapour. The water vapour rises into the air.


2. Water vapour condenses into clouds

Water vapour in the air cools down and changes back into tiny drops of liquid water, forming clouds.



3. Water falls as precipitation

The clouds get heavy and water falls back to the ground in the form of rain or snow.


4. Water returns to the sea

Rain water runs over the land and collects in lakes or rivers, which take it back to the sea. The cycle starts all over again.


Monet Artwork

This term, Year 3 have developed their painting skills.  The children have practised mixing primary colours and have now created beautiful versions of Claude Monet's 'Waterlillies'.  Feel free to look at the masterpieces in the gallery below.


Science Day!


Today, we have had an amazing Science day looking at our topic 'plants'. 

We experimented with plants throughout the day.

First, we looked at how water was transported in plants. We dyed water with food colouring and watched the plant leaves turn blue!

Year 3 were also excited to get their hands onto tulips and daffodils, which we dissected to explore the parts of a plant.

We also checked on our beans and how much they have grown so far, we are monitoring the growth weekly and are excited to see how much more it grows...

As a fun observational experiment, we explored how skittles would react when we poured water over them and were amazed by the beautiful rainbow patterns on our plates.



Ladies in School Day.



Today, we were joined in our learning by some of the children's Mums/carers.  They joined in with timestable practice and used their problem solving skills to tackle some tricky Maths challenges.  In English, we started planning a new adventure story based on Oliver Jeffers' book 'The Way Back Home'.  In the afternoon, we read the story 'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds and used it to inspire us to create colourful artwork.

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