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Welcome to the Robin's blog page. It has been really nice to meet all the new year 1 children. The children have settled in nicely to the new routines and expectations of year 1. 

Term 1

The topic this term is 'Splendid Skies'. The children have covered various parts of the curriculum, such as weather, seasons, maps and continents. We have talked about our families, rules and our place within community. ICT was fun, the children even learnt some really big words such as 'algorithm' and 'execute'. The children particularly enjoyed looking at different objects within a church and talking about where their special place is. Next term we are hoping to visit a local church to see the objects we looked at in real life. 

The one thing the children thoroughly enjoyed doing this term was making kites. We planned, made and evaluated them. The children then got chance to go outside and test to see if they would fly. They had so much fun and was perfect weather conditions for doing this!



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