School Council

 What is a school council?

A school council is group of our pupils who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve Monkshouse School.

 How are school council representatives elected?

At the start of each year, each class has the chance to visit the polling station to cast their votes for a school council representative for their class. Prior to voting, candidates share their manifestos with their class to try to win their votes.

 What makes a good School Council?

A good school council is one that represents the views of all pupils and gets things done. Many schools have councils, but they are not all successful. These are some things that make a council effective:

ü  Regular meetings

ü  A council that is not too big

ü  Class/Form councils that meet regularly

ü  Good communication between representatives and their class


2017 – 2018 Monkshouse School Council

Year 1 Miss Pick – Beth

Year 1 Mrs Lincoln – Imogen

Year 2 Mrs Wickham – Kitty

Year 2 Miss Tawn – Alex

Year 3 Mrs Turner/Mrs Harwood – Izzie

Year 3 My Myland – Phoebe

Year 4 Mrs Parker – Eloise

Year 4 Mr Price – Ivy 

Year 5 Mr McHugh – Corey

Year 5 Mr Roberts – Brendan

Year 6 Mr Slater – Roni-May

Year 6 Mrs Wheatley – Riana


Statement of Purpose:

Our School Council is an opportunity for our pupils to get more involved in the way the school is run. We invite a representative from each class to our fortnightly meetings.

Councillors are voted for by their classmates. A member of the Senior Leadership Team will endeavour to attend each meeting.

It is the responsibility of each Councillor to ensure they express both their own views and the views of the pupils they represent.

Our School Council will benefit the whole school, both children and adults. We will display photographs of our School Councillors in the school library for everyone to see.

Our School Council will provide opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings to staff as well as influence decisions that are made.

Our School Council will give the children of Monkshouse Primary School the opportunity to develop skills such as confidence, communication, community spirit and negotiation.

Above all our School Council will give the children of Monkshouse Primary School a voice.


School Council Action Plan 2017-18