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School Council

We are very proud of our School Council; it helps to give us a voice in School.

Every year we hold a proper, formal election in our School Hall which is run along the same lines as a real council election. In order to become a School Councillor, children have to create and present a manifesto that explains to their class why they would be a good representative. Successful candidates are then voted for by the whole school with the winning member from each class chosen to sit on the School Council.

We have monthly meetings to discuss many issues. These might be things that our Head Teacher wants us to bring to the attention of the children or issues that children in our class have asked us to raise. We also carry out fund raising activities for our yearly projects. So far we have developed the nature area and school pond. Sometimes we are involved in interviewing new members of staff – some of us interviewed Mrs Goodsell! School Councillors feedback regularly to their classmates to keep them updated about events in School.


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