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Clubs will then start the week commencing 25th September until the week ending 8th December.


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Frequently asked Questions

Why can’t we have a larger hall?      

When the school was originally built to replace the PODE HOLE village school the hall size conformed to that needed for 5 classes. Now that we have 10 classes in the main school it is inadequate for the increased capacity.

The cost of a new hall is beyond the school budget and is dependant on capital funding from Government priorities. Currently the priority is for overall teaching and learning space to be adequate for the school population and NOT specifically for hall space. If the total area for the school is taken into consideration the pupils are deemed to have sufficient space. Until the priority is specific to hall space, Monkshouse must do its best with the facilities we have.      

Why can’t we have more parking spaces?

Penny Gate belongs to Lincolnshire Highways. This includes the Road and Parking Bays on the road outside the school. Although we enquired as to whether the bays could be designated as school parking (Taxis, Disabled, Staff), this was not considered possible. It is a common misconception that school staff have the power to deal with parking offences occurring on the Queens highway. Any parking offences should be reported to the police who do have the power to deal with this.       

The school car park has two disabled zones and a further 17 bays. There are 41 members of staff most of whom live outside Spalding. To create 6 more bays would cost £15,000 or to convert the small grassed area outside the speech and language unit would cost £35,000 and create an extra 8 bays. The expense of creating car parks is high because the ground has to be able to support the weight of cars and not break any underground pipe work. It is not just a case of throwing down gravel on the grass! The maximum amount of bays that could be created would still not be enough for all the staff, let alone any parents wishing to park in the grounds and would cost an estimated £60,000. This is more than 2 whole years devolved capital budget, and as there are other identified building priorities we would not be allowed to spend this amount on a car park.      

The Taxis drivers that bring the pupils to the speech and language unit are contracted to deliver the children to the door of the unit and therefore need to have access to the grounds for dropping off and picking up purposes.            

Why is my child’s class taken by people other than their regular teacher      

In September 2003 began the first phase of the work force reform bill which changed the contracts of employment for teachers. The greatest change occurred in September 2005 when it became law for all teachers to be given 10% non-contact time each week to do Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA). This could be given in time blocks of no less than 30 minutes, or be blocked weekly or fortnightly. In addition to this all teachers who are responsible for specific subjects are entitled to management non-contact time. Teachers new to the teaching profession are only expected to teach 90% of the week and have additional PPA as well. All of this causes great challenges for the management of any school.      

At Monkshouse teachers are given their required PPA time and subject leadership time. This is given in a variety of ways ensuring quality teaching at all times.    

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