Welcome from our Chair of Governors

Welcome to our school website, which aims to explain who we are and what we believe in.

We aim to provide children with a good quality education, through a rich, stimulating curriculum where they can reach their potential and develop into well-rounded young people.

We firmly believe that education is a partnership between home and school and we look to you, as parents and carers, to become fully involved in your child’s education. We are a school that welcomes you in to share your skills and expertise with the children.

As Chair of Governors at Monkshouse Primary School I look forward to extolling the virtues of the achievements of the children and teachers. There is a great deal the school can be rightly proud of.

The strength of a school depends on its staff. We are lucky to have a vibrant, hard working team who, between them, bring a wide range of expertise both in curriculum subjects and extra-curricular interests. With our Headteacher, Mrs Goodsell at the helm, giving us excellent leadership, and along with her team, are always seeking ways to improve and stretch performance and make the most of their talents.

Working in partnership with Mrs Goodsell, the Governing Body provides the school with a strong leadership structure, able to support and challenge as necessary, which is taking our school forward to create a happy and well-run school.

We hope your family will join us and become part of that vision.

Alistair Main

Governing Body

The Governors of Monkshouse School are committed to achieving Best Value in all decisions made. We use the principles of Best Value as they apply to securing continuous improvement in this school and will:

  • Regularly review the functions of the school, challenging how and why services are provided and setting targets and performance indicators for improvement;

  • Monitor outcomes and compare performance with similar schools and within the school;

  • Consult appropriate stakeholders before major decisions are made; and

  • Promote fair competition through quotations and tenders to ensure that goods and services are secured in the most economic, efficient and effective way.

  • We will strive to ensure that the school is using its resources effectively to meet the needs of pupils.

We strive to submit our Best Value statement with the annual budget plan. The progress of the annual budget plan and the Best Value statement will be monitored with the School Development Plan in order to determine the extent of continuous improvement. The school has in place a strategy and a set of guidelines, updated annually, which will ensure that Best Value will be reviewed and demonstrated.

Mr Alistair Main (Chair)
Mrs Lisa Leyland
Dr Richard Hayes
Mr Bryce Beeston

Mrs Elizabeth Mackay

Mr Ian Haynes (Vice Chair)
Mrs Betty Jordan
Mrs Eileen Robson
Mr John Slater
Mrs Anna Smolen
2 Vacancies                                                                                                                                                          

Mrs Hannah Turner

Mrs Sue Goodsell (Headteacher)

Mrs Becky Nicolaou

The school is a Community school and it reconstituted in line with the Statutory Guidance, on 1st October 2014.  There are 14 Governors appointed:

1.    4 Elected Parents

2.    1 Nominated by the Local Authority (Lincolnshire County Council)

3.    1 Elected member of staff

4.    The Headteacher

5.    7 Co-opted

The Governing Body has established a number of committees to which it delegates day to day responsibility for the oversight of various aspects of the running of the school. A number of further committees are established as and when required, including Pupil Discipline, Staff Discipline, Appeals, Pay, HT Performance, Complaints Policy and Ofsted.

Role of a Governor 


July 2018
July 2017
December 2016 
April 2016
December 2015 
July 2015
March 2015
December 2014 


General Terms

  • To act on matters delegated by the full Governing Body.
  • To liaise and consult with other Committees where necessary.
  • To monitor and contribute to the School Improvement Plan.
  • To consider Safeguarding and Equalities implications when undertaking all Committee functions.


 The Committee will consist of:

  • A minimum of 3 Governors.
  • Headteacher or nominated representative.
  • The Chair of this Committee will be identified by the FGB and serve a 1 year term.
  • The Chair will, where necessary, have a casting vote.


  •  2 Governors and the Headteacher (or nominated representative) will represent a quorum.
  • The Committee may invite other Governors and/or Associates to attend as it deems necessary.
  • The Committee will not meet without the Headteacher (or a nominated representative) being present unless a failure to meet would be detrimental to the school.


  • The Committee will meet at least 4 times a year or otherwise as required.
  • The Agenda will be agreed by the Chair, Clerk and Headteacher, with reference to the TOR, and sent to Committee members at least 7 days before the meeting with relevant papers.
  • The meetings will be minuted by the Clerk. The minutes will highlight questions asked by the Governors to support and challenge the school. The minutes will be available within 15 working days of the meeting being held.
  • In the absence of the Chair, the Committee shall choose an acting Chair for that meeting from among their number.
  • The Committee shall keep a record of all meetings. The minutes will be circulated to all Governors and used to provide detailed feedback. A verbal Summary Report, highlighting key issues from the minutes, will be an agenda item on the following full Governing Body Agenda.
  • Any decisions taken must be determined by a majority of votes of Committee members present and voting – but no vote can be taken unless a majority of those present are Governors.

Curriculum Planning and Delivery

  • To review, monitor and evaluate the Curriculum offer.
  • To meet to discuss whole school Curriculum developments, any subject specific investments and school Curriculum Policies prior to recommendation to the full Governing Body. 

To consider recommendations for:

  • School Improvement Plan
  • Targets for School Improvement
  • To develop and review Policies identified within the School’s Policy Review programme and in accordance with its delegated powers (e.g. Sex Education and Pupil Behaviour/Discipline). To consider curriculum Policy adjustments in conjunction with the designated Policy Committee.
  • To ensure that the requirements of children with Special Needs are met, as laid out in the Code of Practice and appropriate progress is made by these children.  

Assessment and Improvement

  • To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of Leadership and Management.
  • To monitor and evaluate the impact of quality of teaching on rates of pupil progress and standards of achievement. This will include the comparison of school performance to national Benchmarks and identifying trends over time. 
  • To monitor and evaluate rates of progress and standards of achievement by pupils, including any underachieving groups.
  • To monitor and evaluate the impact of Continuing Professional Development on improving Staff Performance.
  • To set priorities for improvement, and monitor and evaluate the impact of Improvement Plans which relate to the Committee’s area of operation.
  • To monitor and evaluate provision for all groups of vulnerable children (Pupil Premium, SEND, EAL, LAC etc) and ensure all their needs have been identified and addressed, and to evaluate their progress and achievement.
  • To regularly review and develop the Assessment Policy in conjunction with the Policy Committee and to ensure that the Policy is operating effectively.
  • To consider recommendations from external reviews of the school (e.g. Ofsted, Local Authority, Peer Reviews), agree actions as a result of reviews and evaluate regularly the implementation of and plans developed.
  • Monitor and review the breadth and balance of the School’s Curriculum and ensure the School Curriculum addresses the expectations of relevant National Curriculum requirements.
  • Monitor and review the contribution and impact of partnership and collaborative working on the School’s development.
  • Monitor the provision and quality of extra-curricular provision.
  • To ensure that all children have equal opportunities.
  • To advise the Resource Management Committee on the relative funding priorities necessary to deliver the Curriculum.



  • Monitor and review delivery of Safeguarding within the Curriculum.
  • To evaluate the School's contribution to pupil well-being, including the extent to which pupils feel safe, adopt healthy lifestyles and contribute to the School and wider community.


  • To monitor the School’s publicity, public presentation and relationships with the wider community.
  • To identify and celebrate pupil achievements.
  • To oversee arrangements for educational visits, including the appointment of a named co-ordinator. Residential visits are signed by the Chair of Governors who is not on the C&S Committee.
  • To ensure all statutory requirements for reporting and publishing information are met and the school website content is fully compliant and presented in an accessible way.
  • To evaluate the engagement of parents with the school, parental views and how these are taken into account and consider ways in which home-school links can be further developed, making appropriate recommendations.
  • To monitor the effectiveness of partnerships with other schools, external agencies and the community, to improve the school, extend the Curriculum and increase the range and quality of learning experiences for pupils.


Appointing Body
Term of Office
(if associate member has voting rights)
Official Responsibility
Mrs Sue Goodsell
Mrs Elizabeth Mackay
Local Authority
26/09/16 - 25/09/20
Standards & Curriculum
Mrs Hannah Turner
05/09/17 - 04/09/21
Standards & Curriculum
Mrs Eileen Robson
22/09/18 - 21/09/22
Resource Management
Mr Ian Haynes
22/09/18 - 21/09/22
Chair of Resource Management & Standards & Curriculum
Mrs Betty Jordan
06/09/18 - 05/09/22
Standards & Curriculum
Mr John Slater
03/01/18 - 02/01/22
Standards & Curriculum
2 Vacancies
Mr Alistair Main
14/10/15 - 13/10/19
Resource Management
Mrs Lisa Leyland
03/11/16 - 02/11/20
Resource Management & Standards & Curriculum
Dr Richard Hayes
12/01/17 - 11/01/21
Standards & Curriculum
Mr Bryce Beeston
04/05/18 - 03/05/22
Standards & Curriculum
Mrs Anna Smolen
04/09/18 - 03/09/22