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About Nursery

Monkshouse Nusery has 31 FTE (full time equivalent) places which offers a range of options for childcare including 30 hours. Children are admitted at the beginning of the school year in which they become 4. 

At Monkshouse Nursery we have great respect for all the children coming through our doors, provide a stimulating and engaging place to take their first steps in their life-long learning journey.  Children join our nursery from a number of different pre-schools and nurseries, or straight from home. We hold a meeting for parents during the term prior to their child starting at the nursery. Children are also invited to visit the nursery with their parents. 

The children are the centre of everything we do and we aim to provide a learning environment in which each unique child can inquire, engage and investigate through play. Through play, children take an interest and develop an understanding of the world around them, use their creativity to build their imagination and become confident in the roles they take on. Without the children even realising, they are developing their dexterity and physical skills, becoming communicators and mathematicians, fine tuning their resilience and determination as well as building the important foundations for cognitive and emotional development.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum

Focuses on 4 main themes; A Unique Child, Positive elationships, Enabling Environments and Learning and Development. Through these, staff look at how each child is a competent learner, how they build friendships and relationships with key people and how the environment in which they are in contributes to their extended learning and development as well as respecting the different ways that each child learns.

There are 7 defined areas of learning:

Prime areas: which underpin everything we do in the Nursery  Specific areas
Communication and Language Mathematics 
Personal, Social and Emotional Development  Literacy 
Physical Development Understanding the World 
  Expressive Arts and Design

All staff in the Nursery apply their extensive training and knowledge of child development to provide an environment which allows each child to progress through these areas of learning. Whilst creating a stimulating and secure learning space, staff monitor each of the Characteristics of Effective Learning for each child to ensure they are reaching their full potential. We record each child’s progress and development through the online learning journey programme, Tapestry. This allows staff and parents to communicate with each other in an effective and clear way, sharing and celebrating developments. Staff seize opportunities as they occur to enable the children to make that next step in their learning journey. Our provision and activities are very child led, creating an engaging and meaningful learning environment where progress is planned and delivered in the moment.

So what will you find inside our Nursery?

We pride ourselves in offering a warm and safe environment which is rich in fun and engaging activities. The inside offers areas to build and create with various materials and media, a reading and quiet area, a home role play area and small world areas. We encourage transportation as a schema of learning. This means if a child creates a pizza in the playdoh area, we fully expect and allow them to build on that creativity and transport it to the role play area where they might engage in a ‘family meal’ either by themselves or with another child or staff member. The child that builds a bear out of cardboard boxes and tubes can take it into the Cosy Corner to share a story with it. There are stations where children can find and use resources for mathematics, resources to investigate and resources to create.  There are activity stations where children can focus on a specific skill, often linked to the specific areas of learning or fine motor skill development. We have a self-serve snack station where children come and help themselves to a snack and drink, they eat this at the dining table and are responsible for clearing away afterwards.

Our outdoor learning environment

Accessible in all weathers, with wet weather clothing provided, where the children can access the same learning possibilities outside as they can inside, just in a different style. There is a mud kitchen with jars of natural ingredients, a forest area with space and equipment to create dens.  A large sandpit, a water station, a loose parts area alongside a more traditional construction area and small world stations are many of the zoned areas we have. There is a large tarmac area with bikes, trikes and other equipment designed to develop gross motor skills as well as be an area to encourage role play, does anyone need a car wash?

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The term is mooooooving week!

Hopping rabbits and slimy slugs...what can you spot at the farm? 

This week the Monkshouse Minis have been learning all about different farm animals. We were lucky enough to have a visit from ARK Farm who brought lots of different animals for us to see! Rabbits, a tortoise, chicks and guinea pigs to name just a few!!

To follow on from our furry visitors we also had a tractor come to nursery! We all had a go sitting in the cab, looking at all the different buttons and learning how a tractor works.

Mrs Kay brought in her life size wooden cow for the children to practise milking water from its udders...what an experience that was! 

We've had such a fab week, learning lots of new things and experiencing what it might be like to work on a farm. What is your favourite farm animal? 



Our Bug Ball was Buzzing!

What an amazing day we had at our Bug Ball! The Monkshouse Minis arrived in amazing costumes and were really excited to see each other. They enjoyed exploring a range of activities themed around minibeasts that we had set up around the provision. Creating grape caterpillars, facepainting and playing party games added to the buzz of the day!

We are also very excited because the postman delivered us a very special parcel, live caterpillars! We will be looking after these and watching how they grow and transform into butterflies. Keep watching our blog as we will add photos on the day they hatch and we release them into our nursery garden.


Term Four!

Term 4!

We can’t believe another term has passed! Our topic ‘Food Glorious Food’ went down a treat, with children learning all about different foods from around the world and learning some delicious recipes. We had a very special visitor who taught us how to make some delicious Italian recipes, yum yum! 

Parents attended our Easter Café where the children took part in an Easter egg hunt, served homemade cakes to their parents and paraded their amazing Easter baskets and bonnets.

We were very excited to start our ‘Spread the Happiness’ charity work, with the children taking part in various different challenges such as making yellow submarines out of cardboard boxes, singing songs and talking to children in other countries.

We can’t wait to start our next topic ‘Animal Antics’ where we will be learning all about dinosaurs, minibeasts and even have a visit from Ark Animals!!

Lastly, thank you very much to all parents who continue to share what their child has been up to at home through our Tapestry app. The children love looking at each other’s photographs…and we do too!!


Term Three!

What a fabulous start to the new year and the new term! A huge welcome to all the new children that have joined us, they have all settled in incredibly well and made lots of new friends.

Our topic theme was Once Upon A Time and we had a fabulous time exploring some traditional tales. We've made porridge that Goldilocks and the children would love to eat, acted out scenes from The Three Billy Goats Gruff, made treats for Grandmama from the story of Little Red Riding Hood and delicious bread from the story of the Little Red Hen. 

We took part in the national programme Take One Picture, an initiative by the Tate Modern Art Gallery to inspire young people to engage with art. We looked at art by Piet Mondrian and recreated pieces in his style. We displayed these for all the parents to see in our Monkshouse Minis Art Exhibition.

One of the highlights for us all was the fabulous Bedtime Story Evening we held one evening. The children snuggled up with their parents and listened to the story of The Three Little Pigs being told, this was followed with some lovely nursery rhymes, hot chocolate and a biscuit before ending with a story book being read.


Term Two!

Wow! This term has whizzed by! It's been exciting finding out about different festivals and celebrations, birthday parties was the one we loved best. We planned and carried out parties for teddies and enjoyed making all the food and decorations needed. 

We have been working hard to develop our fine motor skills in cutting, gripping and using different mark making tools. Our Dough Disco sessions have supported this and we have thoroughy enjoyed rolling, squeezing, pinching and slapping playdough to some funky music! 

In phonics we have been identifying different sounds in the world around us and the different sounds musical instruments can make. We have had a lot of fun playing listening games, our favourites being ones with the large parachute.

In maths we have been exploring numbers to 5 through lots of different games. We have been learning and we didn't even realise it!

We ended this term and year on a high note with our outstanding Christmas performance, We were blown away with how confidently all the children took to the stage to perform some Christmas songs that we wrote! They were all superstars! Well done everyone! The Christmas party at the end of term was a well deserved treat for everyone!

We hope you all have an amazing Christmas time and we will see you all in term 3. Term begins on Monday 7th January.







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